Diocese of Motherwell

Corpus Christi Parish

Crowwood Crescent
Calderbank, Airdrie ML6 9TA

Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent Lockhart

Email - parish@cccalderbank.org.uk
Telephone: 01236 763670

Livestreaming Mass
on Facebook Live

Saturday at 4:30pm - Vigil Mass
Sunday at 10am - Mass

Funeral of Marion Lucas
on Friday 18th December at 12 noon

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Christmas Masses

Christmas Vigil - Thursday, 24th December
5:30pm - 7pm - 9pm

Christmas Day - Friday, 25th December
9am and 11am

The parish regrets to announce the death of

Marion Lucas

Her funeral Mass will take place on
Friday, 18th December at 12 noon
and will be available on Facebook Live


As you will know, the Scottish Government has announced that North Lanarkshire is now returned to Level 3. The following restrictions within Level 3 that affect places of worship are as follows:
Mass 50 (maximum) people. Funerals 20 people. Baptisms 20 people. Weddings 20 people. No outside gatherings.

Parishioners have been booking online to be able to attend Mass using Eventbrite. To make access to Mass fair, the arrangements will now be as follows:

There will be booking slots for Mass for the next 2 weekends on Facebook and the parish website.
Parishioners should only
book one place on either the first weekend or the following weekend, i.e. not both.

The booking forms can be found further down this page.

Mass at the weekends and at funerals will also be available online on the Facebook page of the parish using Facebook Live. A link to access the page will be available at the weekends.

We continue to pray for all those affected by the pandemic, especially those who are sick and for families who have suffered bereavement. By praying for one another we will get through this a better parish and better people.

God bless,
Fr. Vincent Lockhart


Reserve a space at Mass

The Scottish Government's instructions are that a maximum of 50 people can attend a public Mass with respect to social distancing. Our church can hold 40.

Sunday Masses
Vigil Mass at 4:30pm (Saturday)
Sunday morning Mass at 10am
If you wish to cancel your space please contact 07802 623667

You can book by clicking on one of the
"Registration" forms below. This will take you to the booking page of the Mass which you wish to attend. For track and trace purposes you will be asked to provide your name and contact details.

A small number of places will be reserved for those who do not have access to the internet. To book a place please contact Brian Skeffington at 07802 623667

There will be signs reminding parishioners of the protocols that need to be followed at this time and your co-operation will be appreciated. Those coming to Mass must wear face masks.
When you arrive at main entrance to the Church you will be asked to sanitise your hands from the dispenser within the porch. A nominated person will then show you to your seat for prayer.
When finished, you should leave the Church at the front and prior to leaving, sanitise your hands again.
Thank you.


Important Information about cancelling your place

If you book a place at Mass and then decide not to use it, you can go back into Eventbrite and cancel your ticket. Your space can then become available for someone else to use.
If you are not sure how to do this then you can contact
07802 623667
Privacy Notice:
This parish has a lawful basis to process your information. Contacting people who might have been exposed to Coronavirus is an important step in stopping the spread.  Your information will be destroyed in line with Eventbrite’s database retention period on an ongoing basis after the attendance at the mass requested. Your data will only be used for the attendance at mass and if requested by NHS Scotland for contact tracing purposes.  You have the right to have your data erased or corrected.

We thank the volunteers
who have been cleaning the church for Mass and after Mass.

Weekday Masses

Monday - 7pm
Wednesday - 9:30am
and Friday - 9:30am

Because of covid restrictions,
attending Mass will be on a first come, first served basis.

Christmas Collection is now due

Envelopes will be distributed throughout the parish shortly.
Gift Aid members please use the envelope marked 'Christmas Collection' from your booklet.
If you are unable to attend Mass, please put through the door of the parish house.

Our thanks
goes to all those who distribute the envelopes
for the quarterly collections.

In these dramatic and unusual times the parish would be grateful if you could make a donation.
Please click on the donate button above.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all those who have contributed
to the parish funds through the Donate button
and by bank transfers

Third Sunday of Advent (B)

Reflection on the Gospel

13th December 2020

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John - a witness for the Light

Today, the third Sunday of Advent is traditionally called
‘Gaudete Sunday’ and the pink candle on the wreath is lit. The opening prayer of the mass today says, Rejoice in the Lord, indeed the Lord is near (Phil. 4.4). Given what we been through and are still experiencing, this may be not as easy as it sounds, but it does offer us some hope and encouragement. Trusting God in the light is easy enough; trusting God when it is dark, that requires faith and Advent calls us to wait in joyful and faithful hope.

In the gospel today John is in the desert and he is still proclaiming the Word of God. He is pointing and leading people to Jesus, not himself. He is a witness for the light. He plainly says that he is not the light himself, but clearly he is a person of light. He lets the light that is within him shine out for all to see and experience. As the American writer Maya Angelou wrote,
nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

Perhaps the invitation and challenge for us especially these days is rather than simply admire John from a distance as some heroic figure is for us to become more like him in our own daily lives. You and I are called to be vocal and visible witnesses to the light and more importantly, to be people of light whenever and wherever we can. Jesus himself says to each of us,
‘you are the light of the world; your light must shine for others to see.’ (Mt. 5.14). What does it mean to be a person of light?

These Advent days as we do our best to prepare to celebrate the Nativity we can each do something to be a person of light in our homes with our families. A smile, a kind word of support or a phone call to a friend or neighbour can brighten someone’s day. No action, gesture or tender word, no matter how small goes unnoticed. We must never underestimate the impact that we can have on others and that they can have on us. Now more than ever we need each other’s support, kindness and encouragement. Pope Francis, in his new letter, Fratelli Tutti, reminds us of this when he says, ‘
we need to realise that we are part of one another; that we are brothers and sisters of one another… (32) We need to communicate with others, to discover the gifts of each person, to promote that which unites us’. (134).

No one denies that these days have been and continue to be difficult and challenging for all us. Can we during these remaining Advent days find some light to look forward to with joyful hope?

Let us look for moments of light and joy around us this week wherever we can; they might be nearer to us than we think! Let us keep each other in our prayers and thoughts these days and soon we will be able to celebrate and pray with courage and conviction, that (we) the people in darkness have seen a great light.

What is bringing you some sense of joy these days? To whom can you offer the gift of joy and light this week?

Please pray
for all those who are sick in our parish,
for all those suffering in any way because of the coronavirus,
for those who are helping the sick

Recently Died
Marion Lucas


Maureen Higgins

Months Mind
Kevin Dolan

Respond to Scottish Government consultation to stop home abortions!

The Scottish Government is holding a consultation on whether to continue the practice of sending dangerous abortion pills to  women to undergo abortions at home. We need as many pro-life people as possible to complete the Scottish Government’s questionnaire in order to stop dangerous DIY abortions becoming permanent. SPUC has prepared a briefing which gives a step by step guide to completing the questionnaire.

Please go to

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Corpus Christi Parish was founded in 1948

The Church was opened in 1952

Catholic population is 840

To book the parish hall call:
Joe Mooney 01236 762139

Corpus Christi is a parish within the Diocese of Motherwell and is a registered charity
SCO 11045