Diocese of Motherwell

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Corpus Christi Parish

Crowwood Crescent
Calderbank, Airdrie ML6 9TA

Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent Lockhart
(on sick leave)
Email - parish@cccalderbank.org.uk


Reserve a space at Mass

The Scottish Government has announced that public Masses may begin to be celebrated in Catholic parishes. A maximum of 50 people (Corpus Christi can only accommodate 40 with safe-distancing) can attend a public Mass and 20 attend a funeral.

Masses this week
Friday, 16th July at 9:30am

There will also be Mass on
Sunday, 18th July at 10am
Please check back to reserve a space at this Mass

You can book by clicking on the
"Registration" form to the right. This will take you to the booking page where you can select which Mass you wish to attend. For track and trace purposes you will be asked to provide your name and contact details.

A small number of places will be reserved for those who do not have access to the internet. To book a place please contact Brian Skeffington at 07802 623667

There will be signs reminding parishioners of the protocols that need to be followed at this time and your co-operation will be appreciated.

Those coming to Mass must wear face masks.

When you arrive at main entrance to the Church you will be asked to sanitise your hands from the dispenser within the porch. A nominated person will then show you to your seat for prayer.

When finished, you should leave the Church at the front and prior to leaving, sanitise your hands again.

As our little church can only accommodate 40 people, we ask that people book in a way which is fair. If you are successful in booking a place on one week, please leave a while before you book again so that everyone can have a fair chance of attending Mass at some point. Thanks you.


For Enquiries, Funerals, Baptisms, Weddings
and other Sacraments or needs please contact
Fr. Desmond Keegan CSsR
St. Edward’s, Lady Anne Crescent, Airdrie ML6 9PZ

Tel: 01236 897557
Email: stedward@rcdom.org.uk

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In these dramatic and unusual times the parish would be grateful if you could make a donation. Please click on the donate button above.

Thank you!

Many thanks
to all those who have contributed
to the parish funds
through the Donate button
and by bank transfers

We thank the volunteers who have been cleaning the church after exposition and who will now clean the church for Mass and after Mass.

15th Sunday of the Year
Year A
Reflection on the Gospel

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The seed is the Word of God

Jesus was a great story teller. His words and parables astonished those who listened to him. In Mark’s gospel we are told, ‘the people who heard him were amazed at the way he taught… he taught with authority.’ (1.22). To use a modern phrase, he knew his audience well. He used symbols, words and images that they knew from their own daily working lives. He spoke about food and wine, bread and cooking, fishing, shepherds and sheep. In the gospel today, Jesus uses the farming image of sowing seeds to speak about a much deeper reality; the word of God.

A farmer sows seeds. Some of the seeds fall on the path and are eaten by birds. More seeds falls where there is no soil and no roots are produced. Seed falls among the thorns are choked. The remaining seeds fall on rich soil, take root and produce a huge crop. Those who were listening to Jesus, mainly a rural farming people would have immediately understood what Jesus was saying. For us today, who live in towns and cities, what are we to make of what Jesus words?

The first reading today says, ‘….the Lord says, the word that goes from my mouth does not return to me empty without carrying out my will and succeeding in what it was sent to do.’ God’s word is powerful and dynamic. In St. Paul’s letter to the Hebrews, he says, ‘The word of God is alive and active.’ What does this mean? I believe this means that the God’s word is alive in each of us; you and me. God’s powerful and life giving word is not ‘out there’ somewhere. It has been sown and planted in each of us by God. This is where the hard works starts!

When any seeds are sown, whether in our gardens or in small flower pots, they need to be nurtured and nourished. They need water, care and our attention. They can’t simply be sown and then ignored; they will struggle to grow and may even die. The word of God that is given to us as a seed is no different. Through prayer and listening to God, we are called to nurture and nourish the word of God that is in us. If we do not tend to it, the seed of God’s word will remain dormant; it won’t become alive and active!

The seed that takes root produces a bountiful crop. This is important. When the word of God that is sown in us is cared for, it will produce life-giving fruits in our lives, not just for ourselves but also for others. The effects of the word of God will be seen in the quality of our daily lives, the work of our hands and in how we treat each other. As Jesus tells us; ‘By their fruits you will know them.’

A man was in the market shopping. Passing a strange stall, he asked the owner what she was selling. She replied that she sold whatever the person needed; peace, love, mercy, compassion; their hearts desire. He was delighted and said he would take a large pack of each. ‘You don’t seem to understand,’ the woman behind the stall replied, ‘I only sell the seeds!

Listen, anyone who has ears!

Please pray
for all those who are sick in our parish,
for all those suffering in any way because of the coronavirus,
for those who are helping the sick

Recently Died
Olive Smith
Funeral on Tuesday, 14th

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Children's Liturgy
15th Sunday of the Year

Sunday, 12th July 2020

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Thank you!

I had my 12th and last chemotherapy session this past week and sincerely wish to thank the nurses, doctors and staff who treated me at Monklands and Hairmyres Hospitals.

Thank you very much to everyone who prayed for me.

Fr. Vincent

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Corpus Christi Parish
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Call to Prayer
issued by the leaders of the 13 Christian churches in Scotland
Sunday evenings at 7pm
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Corpus Christi Parish was founded in 1948

The Church was opened in 1952

Catholic population is 840

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To book the parish hall call:
Joe Mooney 01236 762139

Corpus Christi is a parish within the Diocese of Motherwell and is a registered charity
SCO 11045